East Ham Romanian Barebacker

Paid a visit to a new girl today in East Ham for some horny bareback action. She was recommended by a few guys I knew that had emptied their cum into her. I went early to make sure I wasn’t getting any of the days sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths or fifths. The place was a bit grotty and we fucked on a mattress she had on the floor, but Lilly was worth the visit. She’s got the most amazing pair of tits and gives a great oily tit wank. It was only £70 for the hour too so I managed to cum in her twice. My balls were proper full of cum they were as I didn’t get any action over the weekend.
First I came all over her tits as she wanked me off, then the second cumming was as I was slamming her hard in the missionary position on the floor. Shoved my cock right into her tight as I shot another load into her. Excellent value I’d say.

Romanian Barebacker

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